Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Decor - For Kids

Sweet Memory

I love making fun arrangements.  I also like to make arrangements that "speak" to children.  Children's love for nature is pure and they have an intuitive sense of beauty.  I would like to dedicate this Post to my three children.

red and white carnations, white roses and cryptomeria japonica,
purse made from coke cans

Everything in this arrangement reminds me of something sweet: the container is actually a purse that was made from several coke cans, the carnations remind me of candy canes, and the white roses remind me of icing on a snowman cookie.

Sweet Treats -
can you smell the candy cane?

The sweetness of this arrangement inspired me to make a similar arrangement, but one that would appeal to a little boy. 

Candy Cane Cola

red and white carnations and twigs,
holiday edition coca-cola bottles in carrying case

My 12-year-old son gave me a big smile when I showed him this "candy cane cola" arrangement.  PERFECT! That was the reaction I was hoping for!  If my son doesn't object, I have a little boy in mind to whom I would like the two of us to give this arrangement.  I would like to see a big smile on his face too.

This arrangement also brought back good memories from last year's holiday season because my son asked if we could "get those coke bottles again?  They were fun!"  FUN?  Interesting choice of word!  But it described his feeling exactly.  The cola itself didn't taste any differently from that in a non-Christmas bottle, but it was something we did that made this coke special to him.  It looks like buying those coke bottles last year was the beginning of a new tradition in our family.  Our kids love tradition!  Traditions are good; they create fuzzy feelings and warm memories and they keep our family close to one another.

Celebrate the traditions that your families have, 
they provide a solid foundation for the love that we share with our families.

HAPPY 12-12-12

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