Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Decor - Ikebana-Inspired

Breakfast Table

Most breakfast tables are small so it's important to make a very small and simple arrangement.  Small arrangements can be fun to make.

I started with my favorite Lenox compote and let it inspire me. 

Lenox compote

I love the delicate scalloped edge of this compote.  I wanted to see this pattern throughout my arrangement.

First, I decided that cedar would cascade gracefully over the gold rim. 

Next, I added white Kale flowers.

Then, red and white Carnations.

To add height to the arrangement, I used Cytisus.

Ikebana-inspired arrangement
Lenox compote, Cedar, Kale flowers, Carnations, and Cytisus

Pick your favorite vase, dish or compote
and let it inspire you. 
It's fun and rewarding.


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