Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Decor - The Living Room

Ready for winter decoration?

It's time to turn our "transitional" arrangement (see Post 12/5/12) into a holiday arrangement.

Transitional Arrangement in early December
Even if you don't have time to make another arrangement, all you have to do is remove the Monk and the gourds and ... voila! ... your living room is now in Winter mode.

Winter Arrangement
Cryptomeria Japonica and Ilex berries

Or ... use a different container ...

Simple Winter Arrangement

But, if you have time and want to create a "WOW" arrangement, here are some suggestions....

Simply add white Roses and Ilex berries ...
a fancy crystal vase would be a nice additional touch.

Winter Arrangement
White Roses, Ilex berries, and Cryptomeria Japonica

Move your arrangements around periodically to "freshen" them.  You know how stores rotate their merchandise to keep the displays looking fresh?  Well, do the same with your arrangements - you'll be surprised how different they look when placed against a different backdrop!  (Andy Kilbury cautioned: "Just keep in mind the color interactions between your arrangements and your backdrops, though, to make sure one doesn't cause the other to look drab in comparison.  You want a contrast in style or color that will please the eye and enhance the space.")

Winter Arrangement -
color contrast

White Rose in a Winter Arrangement
 pure, simple, elegant

Or, add white Asiatic Lilies and Ilex berries.  
The Lilies are elegant and fragrant.

Winter Arrangement
White Asiatic Lilies and Cryptomeria Japonica

You can also add a few twigs ...

Have fun with your creations, express yourself,


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