Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Decor - Transitional Arrangement

the living room

It's time to think about winter decoration.  Although winter is not officially here, it's not too early to start planning because with a little pre-planning, your holiday season can be less stressful.  It might take a little time to get all the materials you'll need and, more important, shopping for gifts and planning/attending holiday parties will soon occupy lots of your time.  If you don't plan ahead, your house might have to settle for some last-minute decorations (definitely not a good thing for this festive holiday season!).  Why settle for that when you can plan a little ahead and smile proudly whenever someone compliments you?  I am going to give you a few ideas on how to dress up various parts of your house throughout the next few weeks. 

Our first project will be the living room.  I've chosen the living room because this is the first room I see when I enter my home and it's also the hub of my house.  I am going to make a "transitional" arrangement because it's still Autumn (do you get the feeling that I am not ready to let Autumn go?).  I am going to combine my Autumn harvest (Dogwood berries and gourds) with my winter favorite (Cryptomeria Japonica).  To provide complexity to my otherwise simple still-life arrangement, I will add an artfully carved wooden Thai Monk.  This wooden statue brings calmness and peacefulness to the room.  Cryptomeria Japonica is a great evergreen to use for many reasons.  In addition to the wonderful characteristics that most evergreens have (long vase life and fragrant), it also has both male and female cones on the same branch (simplifying my odd composition rule - I will only need one more plant with cones or berries; here, I will use the dogwood berries from my Autumn harvest).  Dogwood berries are fabulous because their brilliant shiny red color commands attention.  The gourds will add texture and shapes to the arrangement.  

Cedarmere Farm
Cryptomeria Japonica, barn in the background

Cedarmere Farm
Dogwood berries against a clear Autumn sky

As you can see, fall and winter complement each other very well in this arrangement.  East also meets West seamlessly.

Did you notice another odd number composition within this arrangement?
plants, gourds and statue

When winter officially arrives, all I will have to do is replace the gourds and the Monk with holiday- appropriate flowers, decorations or ornaments.  Even if all I do is use a more colorful vase and remove the gourds and the Monk, this arrangement will turn into a Christmas arrangement.

I will give you some ideas on how to turn this arrangement into a winter holiday arrangement in a few days.

               Until then, have fun making your transitional arrangement, 


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