Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Or global warming?  I'd like to believe it's serendipity.

In the winter, I like to periodically walk around my garden to check for any unusual signs of disease or distress; you are your plants' best guardian.  And every year, I've been rewarded by a few stragglers who refused to surrender to the winter weather.

This year, as I was doing my winter garden patrol, I chanced upon a beautiful single yellow rose that had just started to open and a few flowering broccoli branches.  I did not see the rose at first; it was the intense fragrance that alerted me to its presence.  It was a treat to stroll around my garden in the middle of winter (the weather had been cold enough for a few snow showers), and to come back with something like this ....

.... my favorite color, no less!

Day 1

I couldn't resist making an arrangement.

Day 2

To my surprise, the rose opened up beautifully.  I was afraid the drastic rise in temperature in my house would cause the rose to wilt.

Day 3

On the third day, the rose opened up even more.  The fragrance was intense.  My whole dining room smelled fabulous from this one little rose.  What a treat in the middle of winter!

Something was missing from my arrangement, but I couldn't figure out what it was.  I decided to venture back out into my garden in the hopes that it would come to me.  I spotted a euonymus 'Aureo-marginata' bush.  It's leaves were green with light yellow edges.  A perfect addition to my yellow rose arrangement, I thought.

Adding  a few euonymus leaves would balance out the arrangement because it was a tad top-heavy before, and the bottom was a little bare.

Now, that's better!  Wouldn't you agree?

Don't let winter stop you from making fresh flower arrangements.  They really warm up and brighten your house.


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