Sunday, November 17, 2013

Autumn Profusion

Juxtaposition of Minimalism and Profusion

This post was inspired by my friend Audrey who commented that one of my arrangements was a "juxtaposition of minimalism and profusion."  Clever expression!


Bittersweet is one of the most beautiful berries, bursting into brilliant orange and yellow in the Fall.  The berries dry nicely and will stay on the vine for years (if handled properly).  The vine itself is great to make wreaths from (see AutumnsGiving post, 11/18/12).

Bittersweet Autumn Arrangement
I could have stopped there with this simple bittersweet arrangement ...

... but the yellow chrysanthemum beckoned me!

Yellow Chrysanthemum
 How could I resist that?

... and the beautyberry (callicarpa americana) ...

And how could I resist this?

Bittersweet, yellow chrysanthemum and beautyberry - with their showy colors and distinct characteristics, each commands individual attention.

Together, though, they form a vibrant, lively, and playful centerpiece.  

Minimal Profusion

I hope this electric arrangement 
brings a little sunshine to your Autumn day!
Have a FABULOUS day,

BTW: Remember to apply the Odd Composition Rule (see Odd Composition Rule In Landscaping post, 12/7/12) when putting together your arrangement.


  1. You minimalist profusion did indeed bring a lot of sunshine to this autumn day. Many thanks!