Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's All in the Vessel

I like to spend my money buying unique vases because, with a beautiful vase, I can make great arrangements even when I don't have a lot of flowers in my garden.  For example, one of my favorites is my Lenox compote dish -- not really a vase at all.  This little dish serves many functions in my house.  I use it to display holiday candy, serve nuts or olives at parties, and jam or butter at brunch.  But, I also use it to display my flower arrangements when I don't have a lot of flowers available to me.

On this particular day, I only had three very small decorative kale flowers, three mini carnations, a few stems of Cytisus that was yet to flower, and a few sprigs of cypress -- not much at all to make a fancy arrangement with.  

But ... with my fancy Lenox dish ... I can!

Voila! ... 

a very simple, but elegant arrangement,  
wouldn't you say?

Don't let the scarcity of flowers in your garden stop you from creating a beautiful arrangement.  Find a beautiful vessel, as long as it can hold water, and let your imagination take over.  Ikebana artists often let their vessels lead their inspiration.

Try it!
It's fun and rewarding.  

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  1. what a lovely arrangement.. beautiful flowers and dish! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  2. And it makes a lovely flower arrangement look wonderful too.Pretty mosaic.

  3. Pretty, pretty and Lenox is a favorite! Your are a very accomplished floral designer! With all the lovely flowers surrounding you, is your mind racing all the time with possibilities? Hope you have a great week! Smiles...Susan

  4. You've done so well with your few flowers and the beautiful container. Pretty arrangement!

  5. Your Lennox pedestal dish makes the arrangement that much more elegant.

  6. Wow, that arrangement is stunning!

  7. oh my...I expected to see a few short flower heads nestled in that bowl! What a surprise! This is absolutely stunning! : )

  8. Hello, Christa!
    Wow ,Just beautiful!! Those beauties in the simplicity captivate me. My heat is warm now, Christa.
    Have a happy week.

  9. You really worked your magic! I'm looking around my house for something different to put on my kitchen table. I need to think outside the box...or vase! Sweet hugs, Diane

  10. Oh that is lovely. Your choice of vessel is perfect for your arrangement.

  11. That compote dish is gorgeous and the arrangement you made is awesome, Christa. I'm challenging myself to use different vessels for my arrangements, and I appreciate your reminder that it doesn't take a whole lot of flowers to create a beautiful piece. Really nice!